Bath Bombs - Fizzy

What is a bath bomb?    
A bath bomb / bath fizzy / bath seltzer is used to enhance your bath time experience. They are filled with moisturizing and skin-nourishing oil and butter.
How to use a bath bomb?
Fill up the tub with water and drop the bath bomb in. As soon as the bath bomb enters the water, it will start to fizz. Over time, the bath bomb will start to dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial oils, butters, and salts to be released into the bath water. 
A 2.5 oz. bath bomb is a single use. It is enough to fill your tub its beneficial organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil, coconut oil, and epsom salt to nourish you sensitive skin.
Our bath bombs contain: Baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, kaolin clay, coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, witch hazel, fragrance oil, polysorbate 80, and vitamin E. We also used skin-safe colorants and skin-safe cosmetic glitters on some of our bath bombs.